4D Summit Paris 2012

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  • Wakanday
  • @vdelachaux bravo pour la présentation. Impressionnant (comme d'habitude)
    les macros c'est fin, ça se mange sans fin ! Merci @vdelachaux
  • Amazon seems to be great to deploy your application with a focus on Wakanda.. Scalability is the future!
  • There are already some server images ready to deploy Wakanda Server on Amazon EC2
  • deuxième session sur la v13 en anglais à l'accent germain
  • Changement de génération de développeur
  • different pages for different devices
  • More stability with Wakanda 3
  • Party
  • Thank you all for a great day at #4DSummit Europe. See you for #Wakanday tomorrow, but first... The party!! 7:30pm at Le Tapis Rouge.
  • Sessions
  • Widgets...Search regions and departments of France using an external database!
  • Keisuke shows an elegant way to build & use external db from component
  • Thibaud: REST nativo di 4d è 4dsync
  • Optimization : for exemple, use " \t " instead of " char(9)
  • First advice : do not optimize your code ! If too generic, not readable by your collegues…, 2nd advice : use a 64 bit server, third advice, use an SSD, 4th advice : RTM = Read The Manual @ThibArg forgot the "F" this year...
  • Meglio usare OS a 64 bit, se c'è da scegliere
    4d a 32 bit usa massimo 2.3 gb di cache dei dati
  • 4D
  • A new REST native server in 4D !
  • 4Dv14 planed for Q3-4 2013
  • as usual, a new version of #4D every 18 months. Wakanda 3-4 months
  • WebArea debugger and inspector !
  • le debugger analyse le JSON. Trop bien.
  • Text zone : using OS spell-checker
  • Realtime diagnostic tools!
  • Wakanda
  • iOS WebApp capable : so easy to use !
  • checkbox : "IOS WebApp capable" => your page appears on your iPhone like a native app !
  • myModel.addOutsideCatalog("myBase","http://myBase); and that's all ! You have access in Wakanda to all you 4D tables.... Awesome !
  • Just start 4D Web Server .... And Wakanda will see your database ! ;o)
  • wakanda se connecte à 4d en deux lignes de Javascript. Bravo.

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