01 Sep 2006 

This text was originally written while V2004 was the most current 4D-version.


One, two, three is a Billy Wilder movie from 1961.

1-2-3 was a spreadsheet from Lotus, which took the marketlead from VisiCalc, until MicroSsoft found ways the dethrone 1-2-3 by Excel.

1 2 3 yealds results from Google.

1 2 3 is my standardcount of parameter for most methods nowadays. Either 1 or 2 or 3 parameters. Those three are:

  • one : "What shall be done", a text
  • two : the object involved, a pointer
  • three : my unique ID of a record, a longint
Those three are sufficient most of the time. Have you already read this text Keep every piece of code at one place only?

ShrinkWrap It looks like a


Everything is contained in one methode-package. At any time I can add new functionality or reorganize an existing one.

In comparison to a 4D-component,

  • encapsulating effect,
  • creation and clean up at the same level,
  • processvariables are nearly as efficient as local variables,
  • and the most important plus
  • it needs no 4D Insider,
    and for those who need
  • its the main entrance for a API to access the database.

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