27. März 2014


Everybody wants to know how much in advance. Seems simple, if your car needs new brake disks. If there is something less specific - car doesn't do properly - you give the order to fix it, up to 250. Beyond the given budget, call!
Similar to our situation? Yes, indeed! We are always searching for a solution in the existing constrains. The code written, the forms designed, are a free addon, sort of.

To the point

… Because your job isn’t just making things. Believe it or not, that’s the easy part. …

What Clients Don’t Know (and Why It’s Your Fault) by Mike Monteiro

Replace Designer by IT and you are done. Same kind of service to the client.


The Lone SysAdmin:

… Mike Monteiro’s presentation at the Event Apart Austin 2013 conference, a presentation that seems suited to system administrators, IT consultants, and IT professionals in general. Thing is, the presentation is actually talking to designers, about designers. But design is a client services business, just like IT, whether we act like it or not (often the client is just the organization itself). Us IT guys can definitely learn a thing or two from our design brethren, and watching this is a great start. To whet your appetite here’s three of the hundred or so points he makes: …

Alex King:

Such a great presentation from Mike – I sent this to my team immediately after watching it. This is targeted at designers, but applicable to anyone in a services business or who works in a creative capacity.


Comparing programming to the work of other engineers? To the point from John Siracusa ACCIDENTAL TECH PODCAST 56: THE WOODPECKER, follow-up on software complexity: The Mythical Man-Month