7. Mai 2014

Working together on the same project. No problem nowadays, most of the time.

Those two guys working on the same 4D-project, keep track who has the current version of the struct-file. Exchanging methods is no problem at all. Even using some kind of version-control, DBZ_versions, is implemented.

What's really missing is exchanging forms. Starting with V13, commands of the Design Object Access-theme help a bit to at least keep track of form contents. But rebuilding a form from a saved situation is still a laborious manual recreation. I'm too lazy for recreation.

Got a solution that works. Saving the form-content follows this workflow:

  • open a form
  • select all
  • copy
  • extract the clipboard
  • stuff into a blob
  • save the blob
Recreating the form-content from the received blob-file follows this workflow:
  • open a form
  • clear the content if necessary
  • load the blob
  • extract the blob content
  • paste into the form
Done! Mailing the blob-file to my colleague and asking him for the first time to recreate the form was a nice experience. Love my iSight.

Here is an app/component, which reduces the steps into selecting all and copying to create a form-file and selecting a form-file and pasting to recreate a form from file.



Either use the DBZ_FormsExchange-Window
As shown in the screenshots on the this page.
And click the buttons Save into File oder Recreate from File

If there is no copied form-content, the window will tell.


Or call from your own interface. Either
DBZ_FormsExchange("Action_Save") or

DBZ_FormsExchange might be used as component or as standalone-app run in a separate copy of 4D.

DBZ_FormsExchange is available for download:


As usual use the component/4D-app to your convinience and free of charge.

The sourcecode is priceless, but the idea will cost you 10€.


Feedback appreciated, any feedback. Thanks!