18. Nov 2009 

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The german Entwicklerkonferenz 2009 has shown to us: the future looks good. There will be a V12 next year and a V13 and V14 following. Wakanda is something different.

Starting with V12 Listboxes get more power. Awesome-great-marvelous-supercallifragilistic:

  • hierarchical listboxes,
  • styled text,
  • multiline,
It won't be everything available, I'd like to have but it's not bad.

During Q&A-Session somebody asked for footers to listboxes. Thibaud Arguillère answered concerning V12 maybe, Thomas Maul begged please don't announce. Why wait so long?

Listboxes with footes

available last quarter 2009, both V2004 and V11. The native one with V12 will be nicer of course, but this is available yet ;-)

The German Railroad annouces City Night Line (CNL) as Take the City Night Line across Europe - early birds travel by night!. I did rail from München till Hannover. It was loud, bumpy and I was up much too early. So I got an idea!

Simulating footers below Listboxes is easy.

Have a look at this short movie:

or download the database available for V11.

You want to have the source-code? No problem! Send a descend amount of $ or € to my PayPal-account: info@mettre.de. Finding out how much?

This solution

is completely 4D. It uses two listboxes, the upper one triggering the lower one.

The main method is generic and has to be called like this:
: (Form event=On Column Moved )
  ListBox_Gen_Service ("Footer_Moved";$lb_ObjRechPos;$lb_ObjRechPosFooter)
  ListBox_Gen_Service ("Footer_Resized";$lb_ObjRechPos;$lb_ObjRechPosFooter)
: (Form event=On Column Resize )
  ListBox_Gen_Service ("Footer_Resized";$lb_ObjRechPos;$lb_ObjRechPosFooter)

I've prepared a compiled component. Download the component and run as Master to check how it looks. If you are using it as component, call as described above. If you want to have the source or need a V2004-version, send me an eMail.

The Layout of the listboxes can be a intricate, if you are not used to it. That's why yours truly offers coaching.


  1. Can I have multiline footers?
  2. Yes, why no!

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