[4D forms] Resizing options

Summary 4Ds forms-editor very much still resembles an early vectordrawing-app, a metaphor that MacDraw introduced 3 decades ago. Sometime during the evolution the forms-editor was enhanced by growing/moving-options for form-elements. Very welcome then, very basic today. There is a „Group and Symbol Resizing“-presentation for Sketch 39, which describes what’s missing in 4Ds growing/moving-options for form-elements […]

The Floating Piers-movement #shot on iPhone

Summary As Christo supposed, walking barefoot and feeling the movement of the water underneath is the experience to be gained. How to capture that, to show to those who couldn’t travel to Lago Iseo? Make a time-lapse with my iPhone. Christo empfahl, barfuß über die Piers zu laufen und die Bewegungen des Wassers unter den […]