I love Rego.app

Found some interesting spot I once will visit, like on Daily OverView. I copy the coordinates, something like this 37.263212022°, -4.552271206°. Then paste them in Apple Maps, then I

  • open maps on iPhone (handoff)
  • select needle
  • copy address
  • open Rego
  • create new spot
  • search by address
  • paste address

How to get a selected spot in Maps on Mac into Rego-app easily?

If you’re on a desktop computer, you can copy the geo-coordinates from the Google Maps URL, and then paste that into the map search at the Rego website, and then click to import the place to your Rego.

I didn’t know that, thanks! That is kind of fickely-fackely old-school. Anything more convenient?

And if I don’t want to tell regoapp.com?

And by the way, I’m using Apple Maps for convenience while changing devices, picking up at any one of the other devices.

In Apple Maps, when you tap a pin, you should get a navigate button on the left (looks like a little car). Tap that, and you’ll go to the navigation screen. On _that_ screen, you’ll find a tab called „Apps“ from which you can choose Rego.

didn’t know that. Great and ville merci!