The Floating Piers-movement #shot on iPhone

Summary As Christo supposed, walking barefoot and feeling the movement of the water underneath is the experience to be gained. How to capture that, to show to those who couldn’t travel to Lago Iseo? Make a time-lapse with my iPhone. Christo empfahl, barfuß über die Piers zu laufen und die Bewegungen des Wassers unter den […]

die4DSommerWerkstatt 2015

Die 2015er 4DSommerWerkstatt dieses Jahr in Hamburg. Gastgeber ist Jan Helmke. Termin vormerken: 20. Juni 2015, ab 14:00 h Ort: Haus & Garten stehen zur Verfügung. Adresse ist Düngelskamp 17, 22527 HH. Evtl. kann man sich auch vorher in der Firma treffen, arbeiten und dann zum Sommerfest dorthin übersiedeln – sind nur 2 Kilometer. Zur Anmeldung hier […]

Jobs to be Done interview technique

The Critical Path 146 PodCast: Bob Moesta demonstrates Jobs to be Done interview technique by speaking with Horace about a car purchase. Mastering Jobs-to-be-Done Interviews Quickly learn all of the tricks and techniques that go into conducting Jobs-to-be-Done interviews with consumers. ★★★★★ 8 ratings, 200 students enrolled

How to get a selected spot in Maps on Mac into Rego-app easily?

I love Found some interesting spot I once will visit, like on Daily OverView. I copy the coordinates, something like this 37.263212022°, -4.552271206°. Then paste them in Apple Maps, then I open maps on iPhone (handoff) select needle copy address open Rego create new spot search by address paste address How to get a […]