10. September 2014

Download DBZ for V14

September 2010


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spanish version thanks to Fernando-Juan.


New for V12: Widget and CallBack

load a Test-Database

Also new DBZ Systemtables component.

Navigator for 4D V11/V12-Databases


Out-of-the-box iTunes-like userinterface for 4D V11 SQL/4D V12-developers. The DBZ-component replaces all listforms for all tables. Searching and sorting is implemented, iTunes-like too. Adding new records and modifying existing ones uses the current input forms, if not superseded. Export as text, html, Excel.xml and 4D View is included. If you don't like the default-look, change that via preferences.

The DBZ-component is a developer-tool. You could do that yourself – for sure, you also could invent a wheel :-)



Looks like iTunes and lots of other MacOSX-Apps nowadays.


Lists all tables in alphabetical order if not reorganized and renamed within preferences.

List of records

Default shows all visible fields with decent column width. You will optimize that within preferences.


Doubleclick on a listrow will open the current inputform.

Clicking the modify-button instead will walk you through every selected record.


This is a listbox with sort-enabled headers.

Save or Export


Exportoptions are: Text, HTML and Excel and – if available – creating a 4D View-table of the current selected records.


Typeahead searches in any field. Just type strings, numbers, dates … V11 is fast, so are selectionbased listboxes.

Those who don't know about 4D or databases at all, expect searching to work like this. Developers do wonder, how this works in their database. Just one hint: 4D is fast enough to try a couple of searches.



Simple call: DBZ_Preferences. Here you rename and reorder the table-list, delete tables from navigator, create table-groups, finetune the listbox and every listbox-column for that table.



If you don't want to show the real tablenames, rename that list-entry. Delete those tables from the list, that should not show up. Reorder by drag & drop,


Out of the box all visible fields are displayed. Reorder the columns by moving them, make columns invisible, rename the header, change alignment and width for every columnm, define a format if necessary. Change Font, fontsize, fontcolor, rowcolors and rowheight for the listbox.

If you want to override the current input form, fill in the formname to use for new and editing records.



There are only two commands, no parameters.

DBZ_Navigator call the component.

DBZ_Preferences - call the preferences.


Instead of figuring out yourself, attend a seminar and get the source.

Build your own Navigator

Some like it different. Then build your own forms using the scheme described in a PDF:


Download Manual

DBZ lives

once in a while there will be new features when asked for or developed for another project:



Every textsnippet is xliffed. Get the Xliff Pop-component.


The compiled component is free - no restrictions. Download and put it into the components-folder, restart 4D and call DBZ_Navigator. Done! You want it nicer? Call DBZ_Preferences. Done!

Download release-version V11. Versions for V12, V13, V14 and V11-PPC are available.

  • Version: 383
  • Datum: 20.01.13
  • Zeit: 20:31:43
  • erstellt: O. Zillgen

Documentation as PDF

Sourcecode is available. Mail me an offer.


I've a couple of ideas how to enhance – functions, optimizing, nicer, …. The component can check for newer versions online. Download is just a button-click away. The component doesn't look for newer automatically.

DBZ_Preferences is for developers only!

Non-Release Version

  • Version: 383
  • Datum: 20.01.13
  • Zeit: 20:31:43
  • erstellt: O. Zillgen