Sep 2006 

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Obviously, 4D-developers don't like closed components and some were really bitten by their dependency on externals. So every single developer invents the wheel again and again. Cooperation or any other kind of code-exchange will only work, if the code is accessible.

Sounds like Open Source for 4D! Open Source too often means complex license-agreements, too many people involved, semi-products, seldomly leading edge, oldfashioned interface, too many cooks …


is my concept of open source for 4D.

I don't use externals if avoidable. Everything is realized 4D only*. Absolutely right, you could write the methods yourself.
Your advantages are: saving lots of time, the use of debugged code, maybe solving a technical problem you wouldn't have solved otherwise.

    That's our agreement. You
  1. order a Workshop – that's the presentation, the 4D-source and accompanying material (PDF) and coaching,
  2. learn how it was done,
  3. get the methods and
  4. are allowed to use them in all your databases.
  5. Now the important points for me. You are not allowed to:
  6. offer a workshop about the source yourself,
  7. give the methods to others,
  8. integrate the methods in databases you are not responsible of.

perfest - fast - cheap

How it works

You order a workshop – inhouse or small group. That's the usual way. Developers abroad will hardly travel or pay my travel-expanses.
So we also offer seats at GatherPlace-Workshops. That's second best besides being there. You see the screen, you hear the talking and you take part yourself asking and discussing via phone.

Send me an eMail. Thanks!

Workshops available

Workshops are per se also available in english

† The 4Dtoday survey "Have you ever written a component?" of 9/25/06 counted 151 votes: for my own use 31, to share 12, none at all 108.

* the methods compile with all variables are typed. They install nothing into your database, use their own naming, don't collide with your system. Deinstallation means clearing the methods. As efficient as components, same as your own methods.

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