14. Apr. 2010 

Two new TechTips became available:

Both are nice to have. Copied the Mac-variant into my Test-method. Run, doesn't work.


My colleague told, runs just fine on my Windows-machine. May be a Copy&Paste TechTip-tumbling. Yes, couple of, sort of.

here we go

Jepp, the Syntax-Error is leading into something completely different. The reason is simple:
found:= Match regex (regex; text; alPos; alLength)
is nonsens. Correct is:
found:= Match regex (regex; text; OFFSET; alPos; alLength)
Ist not Regex, it's the parameter-count. *rofl*

single solution

While fixing, it makes no sense to have two variants, or does it?
I'd like something like Environment_Tool("MACaddress_Get";->$a_MACaddress_T) which means: get me the MAC-addresses and deliver into the given Array Text on any platform 4D supports.

This is my solution. It works on MacOSX.6.x, do tests on Windows, when I'm on Windows next week. Feedback welcome!

`1 do what
`2 Pointer Object
ARRAY LONGINT($pos_Found_a;0)
ARRAY LONGINT($length_Found_a;0)
ARRAY TEXT($foundMacs_at;0)
PLATFORM PROPERTIES($vlPlatform;$vlSystem;$vlMaschine)
If (($vlPlatform=Windows ))
  LAUNCH EXTERNAL PROCESS("cmd.exe /C ipconfig /ALL";$inputVar;$outputVar)
  LAUNCH EXTERNAL PROCESS("/sbin/ifconfig -a";$inputVar;$outputVar)
End if
If ($outputVar#"")
    $found:=Match regex($search;$outputVar;$start;$pos_Found_a;$length_Found_a)
    If ($found)
       If ($vlPlatform=Windows )
         `I'm not in the mood, firing up Windows to test that part.
       End if
       APPEND TO ARRAY($foundMacs_at;$substr)
     End if
   Until (Not($found))
  COPY ARRAY($foundMacs_at;$P_Self->)
End if

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