25 Sep 2006 

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Cursor-movement in Listboxes

Standard Cursormovement Without doing anything the cursor moves in an editable listbox in horizontal zickzack und stops in the lower right corner or moves into the next editable object. This is ok as long as the tabular-data is reminiscent to a record. It might be a hinderance in certain data-matrices, where every column is a kind and every row contains different data depending on kind. 4D handles that out of the box.

Vertical Cursor movementThis example lists phone, fax, cellphone, eMail, URL and pager in three columns. The columns are private, business and mobile. In this case I'd like to have the cursor move down first – all the private connections, then the next column – business and mobile connections – and at the very end restart with the first editable cell, which is private phone. 4D doesn't handles that out of the box, we need our own method.

I've solved that. When losing focus, I call LBox_Cursor_Movement ("vertical_EditMode"; $lb_ObjName; Focus object;3) which does the rest. The parameters are $1 the options as text, $2 the objectname of the listbox, $3 the object that counts (most of the time Focus object) and $4 the first editable column. In a matrix like this, the first visible column usually functions as labels, that's the reason for $4.

    That methode works like this:
  • declarations
  • error-checking
  • where is the cursor
  • find next editable cell, if Shift is pressed, find previous editable cell
  • if edit-mode, EDIT ITEM

the methode Correct, hard to read! Therefore here is the download. This is a 4D-method exported and zipped, so the browser doesn't try to display.

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