From sourcecode to documentation

Summary On May 17, 2017 Blog 4D announced: Source code sharing of internal 4D components with 4D Partners Good news for me. I was looking for some behaviours of 4D SVG, which I would like to understand and use them more properly. I’m getting to lazy already, to open the source just for looking up some lines […]

WebArea as a TextEditor

Summary [Updated] While waiting for 4D Write to earn it’s Pro-badge I evaluate options to use the WebArea as a writing field. These days I stumbled across Simple, clear looking and gave it a try. You should too, I suppose. Ich warte darauf, daß sich 4D Write das Pro-Label verdient. Währenddessen schaue ich mich […]

Dynamics for SVG-graphs

Summary Sometimes just the graphical quality of a chart is not enough. Getting some feedback, where the cursor is, what the mouse is touching and which is the data behind, might help to understand better. Here a short video of a 4D-only solution. english preferred Manchmal ist das schönste Histogramm – alle Daten sind berücksichtigt, […]