Good artists and great artists

Summary You know that quote from Picasso about good artists and great artists or whoever this is attributed to. Wahrscheinlich kennen Sie den Picasso zugeschriebenen Vergleich von guten Künstlern und großen Künstlern, oder wem auch immer das Bonmot zugeschrieben wird. english preferred Es läßt sich nicht verhindern, daß man gutes sieht oder hört und sich […]

Moving subforms

Summary Placing subforms on a masterform seems pretty simple. Drag the form from the explorer onto the masterform. Done! Well, this could be enhanced. Be prepared or do it yourself. Eine Subform auf einem anderen Formular zu platzieren erscheint einfach. Aus der Formular-Liste des Explorer auf die Zielform ziehen und loslassen. Fertig! Tatsächlich läßt sich […]

Embedding SVG inside an SVG

Summary Using SVG for charting purposes is gratifying. Both completely new kinds of charts and those resembling the obsolete CT Chart Array-command. Besides enhancing the chart-capabilities another requirement was to include the customers-logo as part of the chart. First I thought about parsing that logo.svg … sounds like too much work. Histogramme und Business-Graphik in […]

Tokens in object.notation

Question I’d asked object notation is something like $name:=$o.Firstname the key Firstname is not set in doublequotes. Hmh, that means Firstname is tokenized, or is it? Will keys in OB SET($o;Firstname;“Vorname“) be tokenized too? Answer by Raphael Herouart $name:=$o.Firstname Will be tokenized into something like this: [LocalVar][Assign][LocalVar][TokenMember] So if it was your question „1“, yes […]

From sourcecode to documentation

Summary On May 17, 2017 Blog 4D announced: Source code sharing of internal 4D components with 4D Partners Good news for me. I was looking for some behaviours of 4D SVG, which I would like to understand and use them more properly. I’m getting to lazy already, to open the source just for looking up some lines […]