Embedding SVG inside an SVG

Summary Using SVG for charting purposes is gratifying. Both completely new kinds of charts and those resembling the obsolete CT Chart Array-command. Besides enhancing the chart-capabilities another requirement was to include the customers-logo as part of the chart. First I thought about parsing that logo.svg … sounds like too much work. Histogramme und Business-Graphik in […]

Tokens in object.notation

Question I’d asked object notation is something like $name:=$o.Firstname the key Firstname is not set in doublequotes. Hmh, that means Firstname is tokenized, or is it? Will keys in OB SET($o;Firstname;“Vorname“) be tokenized too? Answer by Raphael Herouart $name:=$o.Firstname Will be tokenized into something like this: [LocalVar][Assign][LocalVar][TokenMember] So if it was your question „1“, yes […]

From sourcecode to documentation

Summary On May 17, 2017 Blog 4D announced: Source code sharing of internal 4D components with 4D Partners Good news for me. I was looking for some behaviours of 4D SVG, which I would like to understand and use them more properly. I’m getting to lazy already, to open the source just for looking up some lines […]

Xojo.app auf iOS an 4D-Backend

April-Werkstatt in Hamburg: Bernd Fröhlich berichtet. Hier der Mitschnitt: die4Dwerkstatt April 2017 from Ozett on Vimeo. Das sieht auf den ersten Blick gut aus. Ich habe ein wenig gegoogelt und bin auf diese Caveats gestoßen: Xojo hat keinen eigenen Zugriff auf die Location-Services dito Accelerometer/Gyro und der Zugriff zur Kamera scheint nicht native in Xojo implementiert. Ist […]

extract eMail-body

display msg-body inside a 4D-webarea

Summary Those little snippets of code sometimes are real timesaver. The timesaver of this week is a base html-page to display the message-body extracted by MSG_GetBody from the IC Downloaded Mail-theme of 4D Internet Commands this is the raw HTML as used in $rawHTML <html><head><title></title></head><body><pre> <!–4DHTML messageBody–> </pre></body></html> and here the 4D-code to process the single 4D-tag […]

WebArea as a TextEditor

Summary [Updated] While waiting for 4D Write to earn it’s Pro-badge I evaluate options to use the WebArea as a writing field. These days I stumbled across bold.io. Simple, clear looking and gave it a try. You should too, I suppose. Ich warte darauf, daß sich 4D Write das Pro-Label verdient. Währenddessen schaue ich mich […]

Objects and 4D-Pointers

Summary Wondering what 4D-pointers inside objects are good for? For me pointers inside objects are temporary value to make things easier for the developer. If I need to store pointing-values, I’d use table-/fieldnumbers and or names depending on later usage. 4D erlaubt Pointer in Objekten. Niemand sonst als 4D kann mit diesen Pointern etwas anfangen. […]