extract eMail-body

display msg-body inside a 4D-webarea


Those little snippets of code sometimes are real timesaver. The timesaver of this week is a base html-page to display the message-body extracted by MSG_GetBody from the IC Downloaded Mail-theme of 4D Internet Commands

this is the raw HTML as used in $rawHTML

<!–4DHTML messageBody–>

and here the 4D-code to process the single 4D-tag
$rawHTML:=Get localized string(„htmlMsgBody“)
PROCESS 4D TAGS($rawHTML;$processedHTML)
WA SET PAGE CONTENT(*;$wa_DisplayMailBody;$processedHTML;““)

You should have a look at the DBZ_EmailDnD_Tester, to evaluate how to extract the message-body. Looks like this:

extract eMail-body
extract eMail-body

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