Some listbox designs

Summary Got some feedback to show my current designs concerning listboxes. Here you are! english preferred Oberflächen in 4D sind für mich ohne Listboxen nicht mehr aktuell. Im folgenden einige Screenshots aus dem aktuellen Betrieb. Hierarchische Listboxen Die meisten Listen haben mehr Einträge als auf eine Bildschirm-Seite passen. Dann verwende ich hierarchische Listboxen und klappe […]

4D World Tour 2017

Für dieses Jahr sind wieder 3 Wochen „4D World“ Tour 2017 eingeplant. Start am 24./25. April Düsseldorf, Ende am 11./12. Mai in München. Weitere Stationen: Frankfurt (26./27. April), Hamburg(2./3. Mai), Berlin (4./5. Mai) und Wien (8./9. Mai). Der erste Tag ist konzipiert wie die Tour vor zwei Jahren. Der zweite Tag ist ein Schulungstag. Hier […]

People Don’t Use the Weird Parts

Chris Lattner interviewed by the Accidental Tech Podcast guys. Swift creator and ex-head of Apple developer tools Chris Lattner is a special guest on this week’s episode of the Accidental Tech Podcast, following the announcement that he is leaving the company to join Tesla as a VP of the Autopilot self-driving features. … 9to5Mac Welcome Chris Lattner by […]

extract eMail-body

display msg-body inside a 4D-webarea

Summary Those little snippets of code sometimes are real timesaver. The timesaver of this week is a base html-page to display the message-body extracted by MSG_GetBody from the IC Downloaded Mail-theme of 4D Internet Commands this is the raw HTML as used in $rawHTML <html><head><title></title></head><body><pre> <!–4DHTML messageBody–> </pre></body></html> and here the 4D-code to process the single 4D-tag […]

WebArea as a TextEditor

Summary [Updated] While waiting for 4D Write to earn it’s Pro-badge I evaluate options to use the WebArea as a writing field. These days I stumbled across Simple, clear looking and gave it a try. You should too, I suppose. Ich warte darauf, daß sich 4D Write das Pro-Label verdient. Währenddessen schaue ich mich […]

lignes de facture – invoice lines

Summary Bertrand asked for advice on styling invoice-lines using CSS, where numeric values align right. This is a common necessity. I prefer semantic HTML-code and all styling inside of CSS. Using CSS-classes turns creation of HTML with 4D-code into a mess easily. Bertrand bat um Tipps, wie er mit CSS Rechnungszeilen gestalten könne, insbesondere die […]

experimenting with current UI-concepts

Summary The current designs of UI – Apple’s iOS and macOS, Google’s material-design for Android and even Microsoft’s attempts to modernise Windows – are a welcome evolution for us 4D-developers. UI-elements are getting flat, simple, text based. Those kind of UI-objects are much easier to create ourselves, than those skeuomorphic, nearly photo-like renderings of real […]