People Don’t Use the Weird Parts

Chris Lattner interviewed by the Accidental Tech Podcast guys. Swift creator and ex-head of Apple developer tools Chris Lattner is a special guest on this week’s episode of the Accidental Tech Podcast, following the announcement that he is leaving the company to join Tesla as a VP of the Autopilot self-driving features. … 9to5Mac Welcome Chris Lattner by […]

extract eMail-body

display msg-body inside a 4D-webarea

Summary Those little snippets of code sometimes are real timesaver. The timesaver of this week is a base html-page to display the message-body extracted by MSG_GetBody from the IC Downloaded Mail-theme of 4D Internet Commands this is the raw HTML as used in $rawHTML <html><head><title></title></head><body><pre> <!–4DHTML messageBody–> </pre></body></html> and here the 4D-code to process the single 4D-tag […]

WebArea as a TextEditor

Summary [Updated] While waiting for 4D Write to earn it’s Pro-badge I evaluate options to use the WebArea as a writing field. These days I stumbled across Simple, clear looking and gave it a try. You should too, I suppose. Ich warte darauf, daß sich 4D Write das Pro-Label verdient. Währenddessen schaue ich mich […]

lignes de facture – invoice lines

Summary Bertrand asked for advice on styling invoice-lines using CSS, where numeric values align right. This is a common necessity. I prefer semantic HTML-code and all styling inside of CSS. Using CSS-classes turns creation of HTML with 4D-code into a mess easily. Bertrand bat um Tipps, wie er mit CSS Rechnungszeilen gestalten könne, insbesondere die […]

experimenting with current UI-concepts

Summary The current designs of UI – Apple’s iOS and macOS, Google’s material-design for Android and even Microsoft’s attempts to modernise Windows – are a welcome evolution for us 4D-developers. UI-elements are getting flat, simple, text based. Those kind of UI-objects are much easier to create ourselves, than those skeuomorphic, nearly photo-like renderings of real […]

Objects and 4D-Pointers

Summary Wondering what 4D-pointers inside objects are good for? For me pointers inside objects are temporary value to make things easier for the developer. If I need to store pointing-values, I’d use table-/fieldnumbers and or names depending on later usage. 4D erlaubt Pointer in Objekten. Niemand sonst als 4D kann mit diesen Pointern etwas anfangen. […]